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RANKED, A NEW MUSICAL Revs Up Its Push to New York With the UC Davis Ground And Field Theatre Festival

Ranked, A New Musical is back...and it's better than ever. You might recall that the premiere of this show about buying grades eerily coincided with breaking news of the college admissions scandal. The story's creators, Kyle Holmes and David Taylor Gomes, wanted to highlight the enormous pressure that students today were under. They spoke to their drama students at Granite Bay High School and came up with Ranked, which quickly garnered critical acclaim from both local and national outlets. Read More

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A new musical explores life in high school in a way that's eerily familiar. It's called Ranked, and it's set in a dystopian world where your class rank — determined by grades and test scores — governs everything from where you sit to what your future holds.


A new musical debuting at Granite Bay High School addresses the pressure high school students feel to get good grades. When the college admissions scandal broke, the writers were shocked at how their art mirrored life.

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"David Taylor Gomes and Kyle Holmes have done it again. After collaborating on their 2017 musical comedy, Boxed Up: The Musical, they have joined forces at Granite Bay High School to present to you another original work. This time, in a serendipitous twist, Ranked, A New Musical debuted just weeks after news of the college admissions scandal broke. Ranked shockingly highlights the pressures that students today face to succeed."


"Granite Bay High School introduces a timely new musical about the pressures of academic success just weeks after the national college admissions bribery scandal broke."