"When is the Ranked Album coming out?"

"When is Ranked going to New York?"

We're ready to make both of those things happen NOW if you are ready to help us. What does it mean (and cost) to be successful? Our teenagers are in the midst of a crisis. This is their story. Help us share their story with the world.

Ranked, A New Musical  has been selected as one of the main stage productions at UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance’s Ground and Field Theatre Festival, September 26th-28th. Directed by  Mindy Cooper , this will be the first production of  Ranked  after its successful debut at Granite Bay High School.


Pain is temporary, Grades last forever. . .

Buy your grades

Buy your future

But what happens when the rest of the world finds out?

Debuting just weeks after the College Admissions Scandal took the nation by storm, Ranked asks audiences what are you worth? Who decides? And what do you do when it all comes crashing down?